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We have been specialising in the lighting of sacred rooms for more than 20 years.
We advise you on all aspects of lighting in sacred rooms as well as conversion to LED technology and support you from the planning to the realisation of the concept.


We'll make an appointment on site to look at the circumstances and talk about your requirements.

You will then receive an initial proposal for the required lighting systems and a cost estimate.


On the basis of our initial proposal, we then plan the lighting in detail - so that optimal lighting can be achieved.

We summarise the results of our lighting planning for you, including a detailed cost breakdown.


We manufacture the required lighting systems at our company base on a project-specific basis - so we can fulfil specific requirements.

Once the new luminaires have been installed, we check the situation on site and make the final fine adjustments.

Please contact us for further information or to schedule a consultation!

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